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A First Peek into Smart Grids

It has been really long since I debuted with my first blog post a few months back. I had to post something today, just to give a sense of liveliness to the blog. Broadcasting my whereabouts would be a good idea I thought :)

It has been around a week since I joined Gram Power, an energy startup born in U.C.Berkely, California. The company is mainly functional in the state of Rajasthan, with their office in Jaipur (where I am presently stationed). Gram Power is into building smart meters and setting up micro grids for villages which have no access to the utility power supply. For me, it has been a fun ride so far, tasting elements of a growing startup! Joining Gram Power was pretty much an impulsive decision. Up untill January 2013, I was all gunned up dreaming a PhD in computer science @ IISc Bangalore; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was all that was in my head. In the months post January (my final semester at college), two things happened: I took up a course on Advanced Machine Learning and another one on Power System Dynamics. I hated the course on machine learning. Period. And somehow, despite not understanding a shit about power systems, I kept developing an interest in generating electricity (Swades?). The electrical engineer in me was waking up. Eventually, the build up exploded and here I am; working at Gram Power .. generating electricity :)


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