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Corruption Begins in a Queue

IIT Bombay annually hosts a cultural festival by the name Mood Indigo. It is a fairly well organised event and for most parts of it, it is an enjoyable event. However, for festivals such as Mood Indigo, my experience in standing in queues has not been as pleasant. Here's why ..

For the relatively better events in the festival, students are (ideally) granted entrance to an event by standing in a queue. The world is not ideal and queues are definitely not ideal. In college festivals, the definition of queues .. “first come, first serve” is well, butchered! Here is my typical experience standing in a queue: A person X would allow his friend Y to get in the queue just in front of X, and the fellows behind X would suffer. What X is doing is a form of “micro-corruption” (A slight digression … the term “micro-corruption” didn’t get a Google hit. Did I just invent a term ?!). Anyways, the point that I am trying to drive home is simple .. the attitude of X of favouring a friend Y at the cost of A1, A2, .. An who stand behind X, in my opinion, forms a seed of corruption. This is not to say that X is a bad fellow. He might the most amazing person born on planet Earth .. I am simply pointing towards a cultural flaw that probably exists amongst us


The sole purpose of this post is to broadcast a message to all of us who would ever be a part of any queue: Let us avoid favouring a friend at the cost those behind us, because Corruption Begins in a Queue!

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