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Maths Olympiad Problem Set

I spent the afternoon today revisiting some of the maths olympiad questions from my high school days: it was such an immensely satisfying experience! It seems my ability/inability to solve these problems has not changed much over the last 6 years; if at all, it has degraded a bit. I will try to shrug off the rust over the next few weeks.

In the process, I am going to build a repository of questions of varied difficulty levels in the Math Olympiad section (also available on the sidebar menu). I would keep adding interesting problems (& solutions) as and when I come across them. The goal presently is to simply share the joy of solving non-conventional maths problems and stimulate some neurons in the process.

While some olympiad problems requires a genius mind and are out of reach of persons such as myself, most of the olympiad problems can be solved using tools which can be learned by training. A classic example, Problem Solving Strategies is an epic book for olympiad training. As far as possible, I will try to emphasize on the generic problem solving tools while discussing the solutions to these problems, so that new tools are added in our toolkit with every subsequent problem. Hopefully, this exercise would transmute into a useful resource for olympiad enthusiasts :)

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