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Matsya - An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

As I write this post, I am sitting in front of Matsya 2.0, an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) developed by the AUV-IITB Team at IIT Bombay. For the curious, Matsya is the Sanskrit name for fish, and I think the analogy is obvious! Being a part of this team has undoubtedly been my single biggest technical endeavour as an undergrad. Here is an image of Matsya, swimming in the competition arena at Robosub 2013.


Oh and since this vehicle is called Matsya 2.0, it does mean that we had indeed developed Matsya 1.0 the year before!

As a junior undergrad at IIT Bombay, I had little respect for college level robotics; my perception of robotics was very narrow. My picture of robotics was simple: some pulleys, levers, wheels and some bits and pieces of C programs running on some Atmel chips (AVRs are bloody popular at IITB!). Then .. I grew up. There are several facets of robotics which I was not (and a lot more about which I am not yet) aware of .. varying from metallurgy and chemical engineering, to probabilistic mathematics and heavy duty control system engineering. This makes robotics so complete! One simply cannot complain about lack of interdisciplinary work while being involved in a robotics project. For all those interested in technology, I would strongly suggest you to jump into building a robot. Your parent discipline won't be a barrier. Robotics subsumes almost all!

If you wish to read more about Matsya, you may do so by browsing through the technical documents on Matysa's internals (links below). A small detail: I was mostly responsible for Matsya's software stack, and if you are curious about Matsya and especially curious about its software, shoot me a mail at anaykumar.joshi[at] and I would be happy to respond back!

Matsya 1.0 PDF

Matsya 2.0 PDF

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