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Multitasking - an Attitude

Working at a startup has its pluses and minuses. What I considered a minus some weeks back, is something I have started to really enjoy off late! I refering to the art of Multitasking.

The world knows that working at startup requires every member of the startup to wear several hats. Well, I presently work at a startup; but unfortunately, I was never particularly great at handling more than one task simultaneously! Traditionally, my brain loved to put in focussed attention on a single task, and a digression into some other task is something that my cerebral half considered a crime! At Gram Power, over time, my responsibilities gradually increased and my work forced me, in a way, to multitask. I was clearly out of my comfort zone.

A few days back, I saw a talk by Harsha Bhogle, a fine cricket commentator. The talk was on Achieving Excellence, and of the several points which Harsha talked about, one struck a chord with me. He said that a great fielder, always wants the cricket ball to come to him, to prove (probably to himself) that he is a good fielder. That is attitude. Relating to that example, I have now started to try and enjoy multitasking! I now want to have multiple tasks to juggle with, just to prove (probably to myself), that I can multitask. I am still horrible at multitasking, that's not to debate! But I have at least started to enjoy something I loathed about.

I always thought multitasking is black magic which people are either born with, or without. Maybe that is true, but assuming that my multitasking skills have been decided at my birth, would be just an excuse to avoid even giving it a shot. Rather, I have started to think of multitasking as an attitude, an attitude to achieve excellence

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