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Open Source Hardware

Open source software is all over the place! Linux, Firefox, Twitter .. you name a genre and you ought to find some open source lying around! The very fact that a lot of quality software is open to be looked at, provides amateurs such as myself, with a wonderful opportunity to improve our own software skills! On a personal note, one of the prime reasons why I happened to become more familiar with software than electronics hardware is because there was this big repository of quality resources thanks to the open source movement. Open source software improved the overall quality of code developed by mankind by creating a fantastic positive feedback loop:

Open Source Positive Feedback

Mind you, I am not a violent propagator of open source software and I respect quality closed source software all the same; just that the open source projects have taught me a lot. Alright, enough of software. Say hello to the Open Source Hardware Movement!

Open Hardware

For a few years now, hardware has been following the footsteps of software and this is an exciting time to live in! Quality resources (open sourced PCB schematics, layouts, component libraries) are pouring in like never before .. Upverter, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sparkfun, Adafruit, Dangerous Prototypes are examples of participants in the movement. We are still in the OSHW-101 phase, but I am very hopeful to see the open source hardware movement scale up and become as big as its soft counterpart; and in the process, improve the overall quality of hardware created by mankind!

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