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My name is Anaykumar Joshi, but for the sake of brevity, I go by Anay. I am an engineer by training and this blog is a dumping ground for all my broadcastable thoughts.

Most of my childhood was spent with numbers and I almost chose pure mathematics as a career; but a curiosity for understanding how radios and computers work made me pursue engineering. Eventually, I landed at IIT Bombay for my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Post graduation, I worked towards electrifying rural India at Gram Power. I have recently joined SEDEMAC in their Automotive R&D division.

My primary professional interests are in Controls, Automotive Power-train & in the art of writing Safety Critical Software. I am especially excited by practical application of Mathematics in Mechatronics. In addition to one's profession, I believe every person should follow an art: I follow Music.


You can catch me on github, twitter and linkedin

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This website is hosted on Github using Jekyll. The theme is an slightly edited version of the beautiful Lanyon theme by mdo. Some of the edits in the theme (such as the listing of the blog posts) were inspired from the theme of, while the circular avatar format was borrowed from