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The Modern Forager

Foraging the internet

Replicating the Wheel

Because reinventing is too mainstream

Revenge of the Paper

A sequel to one of my earlier posts on Digital Notebooks

Maths Olympiad Problem Set

Introducing a new section on this website which lists interesting olympiad problems and their solutions

Newton and Intuition

Our intuition is not as reliable as we intuitivel think it is!

Notes on Opamp Bandwidth

A small pocket reference on understanding Opamp's Gain Bandwidth Product

Lean Photography

Tourist. Camera. Click. Dump.

A Product Value Hypothesis

Tapping out value from products

Python Decorators Explained

On decorators, one of the better concepts in Python

My story with Haskell. Thus far

On how this language changed the way I program

Markdown, you beauty!

My mother tongue amongst Markup languages

A gentle introduction to Spice

The first tutorial on this blog. Introduces the four basic simulation types in Spice

Connecting two dots

The connection between math olympiad and embedded software

Safety Critical Software

When good software isn't good enough!

Black Box Infrastructures

My perspective on identifying the next big technology revolution

Multitasking - an Attitude

.. and my nemesis

The Informal does the formal

On my college courses, which so far, have stayed back in college

Open Source Hardware

Comments on what open source hardware has to offer

Corruption Begins in a Queue

My long standing complaint against all human queues!

Digital Notebooks

Drawbacks of paper note-keeping and why I prefer the digital world for note keeping

A First Peek into Smart Grids

On how I ended up joining Gram Power

Matsya - An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

AUV developed at IIT Bombay