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Lean Photography

I like travelling. Happily, in most of these tours, I have a bunch of friends/family-members to give me company. All of us carry our own cameras and all of us want to take back home memories of the supposedly beautiful present, to re-live the tour … and hence, we click, a thousand times, with every single camera. Once the tour is done, we sit down to sort out the photographs and neatly compile them. I so love the experience of sorting the photos! No.

Here is how we normally go about the photo clicking routine during a tour.

Usual Approach

The step from Filter Photos to Good Photos is a laborious experience. Some i-am-making-it-up-but-could-be-possible hypothesis are in place: First, processing an overdose of photos strains the synaptic connections in the brain. Second, procastinating filtering of photos can literally break the synaptic connections. And third, the time spent in clicking excessive photos during the tour can be better put to use to simply enjoy the tour itself.

A few decades back, Toyota introduced the concept of Lean Manufacturing, which among other things, said Minimize Waste. A dozen other Lean X terms have since popped up (Lean Startup being a popular example). Now that everyone is applying Lean in front of every possible X, I thought I might chip in as well. In the context of clicking photographs, though the analogy might not fit in perfectly, I propose Lean Photography

Better Approach

Try this on your next tour, you might just enjoy your vacation a tiny bit more :)

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